Motorcycle riding on the Stelvio

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The Queen of all Mountain Passes

…a dream all bike fanatics have; to conquer the queen of all mountain passes.
For motorcyclists, the Stelvio is a real challenge and a climax of every motorcycle vacation in South Tyrol. Not only by challenging technical driving skill, but also with a majestic panorama the drive scores with bikers: The somewhat finicky curves on the Passo Stelvio road are frames for the spectacular natural landscape of the Stelvio National Park with white, towering glaciers all around the Ortler.

For lunch or a cup of coffee and the spectacular mountain scenery in the National Park, you should stop at the Mountain Hotel Franzenshöhe. The Franzenshöhe is the place to pick for your holiday stay on the Stelvio. Turn number 22 is the location of the Mountain Hotel of Franzenshöhe, a perfect starting point to undertake numerous motorcycle tours and day trips in the adjoining regions Lombardy and Graubünden Switzerland.

Some of our guests combine motorcycle driving and hiking. Guests find it very relaxing. After long days on the motorcycle, walking and relaxing in the indoor swimming pool and taking a sauna is just, what your body needs. We offer roofed parking for your motorbike, and service to dry wet clothing and of course a lot of coziness.

Car and Old-Timer Lovers

The altitude of the Passo Stelvio,  the challenging hairpin turns of the Stelvio road,  are valued by different car manufacturers for testing their newest car models. Who would'nt like to play with his car or old-timer on the Stelvio road?

Challenging and fun at the same time. The panorama in the National Park Stilfserjoch is breathtaking, and in the turns, one can prove technical driving  skill. The scenery is worth a longer stay. The mountain hotel  Franzenshöhe is the perfect spot for numerous day tours in the surroundings. 

Summary Passo Stelvio Road

Length: 49.24 km 
Altitude:  2,757m
48  hairpin turns from Prad to the Top of the Pass
34 curves from the top of the Stelvio to Bormio

The road connects three adjacent valleys: the Vinschgau in South Tirol, Graubünden in Switzerland and the Veltlin in Lombardy.
Open from the end of May until the beginning of November.


Selection of possible day tours around the Stelvio

Livigno Tour
Depending on traffic and variant, the tour lasts about 4 hours, length roughly 140km.

Livigno is a duty-free zone, which means you can fill up your tank cheaply with either gas or diesel. Cigarettes, extra-proof alcohol, sugar, cosmetics, and an assortment of electronic appliances are also available for purchase. If you are driving towards Livigno to go shopping, the best route from Franzenshöhe heads over Stilfserjoch in the direction of Bormio. Before you reach Bormio, turn off towards Livigno. On the way back, you may choose to drive through the Munt la Schera tunnel in Switzerland . Your journey would then take you over the Ofenpass through the national park in Münstertal. You can decide when you arrive in Santa Maria whether to return to Franzenshöhe over the Umbrailpass, or to drive through Taufers, Prad, and Trafoi.

Gavia, Madonna di Campiglio Tour
Duration roughly 8 hours, length around 380km

Departing from Franzenshöhe, travel along SS38 to Stilfserjoch in the direction of Bormio. Once you arrive, continue on the SS300 to Passo Gavia, in the direction of Fraviano. In Fraviano, drive onto the SS42 Statale del Tonale in the direction Pellizzano. In Pellizzano, continue on the SS239 via Campiglio in the direction of Dimaro, turn left, and then continue in the direction of Madonna di Campiglio. The next orientation point is Tione di Trento SS237, whence the tour continues in the direction of Bono. From there, drive onto the SS669 in the direction of Bagolino and Breno. From Breno, drive onto the SS42 and continue to Edolo, where you head in the direction of Mono. From there, continue to Passo del Mortirolo in the direction Mazzo di Valtellina on the SS38 toward Bormio, then onto Stilfserjoch, and back to Franzenshöhe.

Swiss Tour
Duration around 4 hours, length roughly 214km

Departing from Franzenshöhe, travel over the SS38 toward Prad on Stilfserjoch; there you turn onto SP20 in the direction of Glurns. Before reaching Glurns, head in the direction of Taufers, then towards Münster and the Swiss border on SS41. Follow highway 28 toward Fuldera and you will arrive at Tschierv. In Zernerz, turn off and follow 27 towards Brail, Madulain. You then arrive at Samedan/ Punt Murgal, where you join 29, which takes you to the Bernina Hospice. From here, you can reach the Swiss-Italian border, and then bear toward Livigno, where you depart for Trepalle. From there, the tour continues in the direction of Isolaccia, where you turn onto SS301 in order to drive to Bormio. From there, you return on SS38 to Stilfserjoch, and Franzenshöhe.

Aprica Tour
Duration around 5 1/2 hours, length roughly 280km

The Swiss tour may be extended to include Davos and St. Moritz. Having arrived at the Bernina Hospice, turn onto 29 in the direction of La Rösa, and bear towards Li Curt. At the Swiss border, travel directly onto SS38A towards Tirano, where you pass over Aprica in the direction of Edolo. From there, travel on the SS42 Strada Statale del Tonale in the direction of Ponte di Legno towards Gavia, whence you come to Bormio. It is not far from Bormio over Stilfserjoch to Franzenshöhe.