Day trips

The Berghotel Franzenshöhe is closed, we are renovating!

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In Vinschgau

The Berghotel Franzenshöhe is set somewhat apart from the tourist crowd, but remains an ideal base for day trips and day long tours. From Franzenshöhe, you can explore the immediate surroundings by bicycle, car, motor bike, public bus, or on foot.

National Park Centers:
in these centers, the Stilfserjoch National Park presents cultural aspects of the landscape through exhibits and a host of events.


Glurns, the smallest hamlet in South Tyrol , encircled by medieval city walls

The Prader Sand
The Prader Sand and the Suldenbach river delta are a natural habitat that repay a visit.

The Heilige drei Brunnen

The Heilige drei Brunnen in Trafoi, a legendary place of pilgrimage lying at the foot of the Stilfserjoch glacier. An exceptionally scenic location for rest and recovery for the whole family; barbecue-grilling facilities available.

Churburg in Schluderns

Churbrug in Schluderns has one of the largest and best maintained medieval weapons collections, and offers programs catering especially to children.

The ruins of Lichtenberg castle
The ruins of Lichtenberg castle: until 1513, the castle was in the possession of the Count of Tyrol, then it passed into the hands of Count Khuen - Belasi, and by the 19th century, it had fallen into ruins. The splendid fresco-cycle from 1400 was for the most part detached in 1912, and transferred to the Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck .

Towards Meran and Bozen

Ötzi, the Ice-man, Bozen
Although a trip to Bozen can take somewhat long in high summer, a visit to the oldest man in South Tyrol - the mummy is 5000 years old - is well worth it.

Friday market in Meran
Friday market in Meran, ending with a visit to the hot springs . Departing Franzenshöhe by car, one arrives in Meran within one-and-a-half hours. A trip to the market is always memorable, and you can relax afterwards during a visit to the hot springs.

The Schloss Trauttmansdorff gardens, Meran

The world in South Tyrol 's most elegant botanical garden.