Hiking & Walking

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leisurely walks and demanding hikes

At 2188m, amidst a breath-taking high-Alpine landscape in the heart of the Stilfserjoch National Park , the Berghotel Franzenshöhe offers an ideal starting point for unhurried walks, as well as more demanding mountain and glacier hiking tours. Each year, the neighborhood of the glacier is used by the South Tyrolese mountain rescue service for its further training courses. Many trails, prolific in flora and fauna , begin directly at our hotel doorstep.

Mountains such as the Ortler can not only be admired from Franzenshöhe, but also conquered.

some hiking recommendations

The Wormisionssteig from Stilfserjoch to the Furkelhütte

This hike starts on the Stilfserjoch. Board the regular service bus from Franzenshöhe, and you will comfortably arrive at the top of the pass. From there, a trail leads to the Dreisprachenspitze ( Summit of Three-languages), 2845m along the grade; with an indescribable panorama before your eyes, you follow the path until you reach the Furkelhütte. A chair-lift carries you down to Trafoi; if you are not too tired, you might also descend on foot. In Trafoi, one can once again board the public bus to return to Franzenshöhe.

For long stretches, the Wormisionssteig traces an old route known from time immemorial, through Vinschgau over Stilfs and the Stilfserjoch toward Bormio or Worms , as it was called in old German linguistic use.

Before the opening of the Stilfserjochstraße in 1825, the trail was first and foremost vital for the transport of trade goods. During the First World War, it was primarily used as a secure artery for the soldiers to the strategically important positions on and around the Stilfserjoch. After that, this lovely panoramic climb fell into obscurity, and only returned to the light of public attention in 1999. Display signs on geology, biology, and history inform the hiker along the trail.

The Dreiferner Weg

This somewhat more demanding hike begins directly in front of Franzenshöhe. The number 14 trail leads over two glacial moraines to the Nashorn (rhinoceros) glacier, which you must then traverse. Should you accomplish this, you arrive at a little mountain hut(Berglhütte), and from there you can reach Trafoi, and then return to Franzenshöhe either on foot or by taking the bus.

These are just a very few suggestions. Should you want to conquer a summit, or learn how best to move around on a glacier, please turn to the Alpinschule Ortler (Ortler Alpinist school, page only in german and italian).

However, you can also visit the homepage of the Mals mountain rescue service to get a visual impression of the glaciers round about Franzenshöhe.