Mountain hotel on the Stelvio Pass

Location on the Stelvio

The hotel's easy accessibility and simultaneous relative seclusion make it the ideal starting point for a host of sports activities, from cycling, to motor sports, and summer skiing - although, it can also serve as a place for quiet and reflection.


Departing from Franzenshöhe you reach the pass summit by car in ten minutes. Then it is only 6 km to Trafoi and the "Heilige Drei Brunnen" (the Three Holy Springs), a place of pilgrimage, and an idyllic spot at the base of the tongues to three glaciers.


The Stilfserjoch, located at 2760m, is not only a mountain pass, but also the border between the Province of South Tyrol and Lombardy. The south side of the Stiflserjoch presents a completely different image, with steep, abrupt rock formations, and cascading waterfalls. If you turn off towards Switzerland after driving over the summit of the pass, you will arrive - through Umbrail - at city of Santa Maria, only a 40 minute drive from Franzenshöhe.

Located in the heart of the Stilfserjoch National Park, the Berghotel Franzenshöhe invites you to relax at 2188m, in a breathtaking high-Alpine landscape. Set apart from the rush of tourists, half-way up the Stelvio road the hotel is the ideal point of departure for leisurely hikes and for more demanding mountain and glacier tours.

For centuries, the farmers from Glurns  have enjoyed exclusive rights to use of the surrounding Alpine meadows. As a result, to this day Franzenshöhe remains a spot where cattle graze. From July through the beginning of September the visitor will be accompanied by the rhythmic ringing of cow-bells.

In the Heart of the National Park

in the immediate vicinity of glaciers

In the immediate vicinity lies the Madatsch glacier, which can be reached in 30 minutes on foot. From there, you have a glorious view of the Trafoier Eiswand and the Thurwieser. You can let the Ortler work its magic over a cup of coffee on the hotel terrace.

The stark and arid high Alpine location create an environment where people suffering from allergies may relax and recuperate.