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 Cult on Stelvio Pass   ...


at the Berghotel Franzenshöhe

at 2.188m,

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the Passo Stelvio road

The Mountain Hotel Franzenshöhe

Cult, trendy yet traditional, authentic, personal and rustic is the Berghotel Franzenshöhe in a stunning, fabulous location on the Stelvio the Cultural Region Vinschgau in South Tyrol. Karin H. Wallnöfer in fourth generation owner of this historic property at Passo Stelvio and her stable 7-member team are focused on the welfare of all our guests, whether they are motorcyclists, summer skierscyclistsnature lovers or vintage and fast car fans.  We are not only concerned about our gastronomic standards; much more the personal well-being of our guests is dear to our hearts.

your Best Choice on the Stelvio

Not only the marmots of the Stelvio National Park in the pastures surrounding the Franzenshöhe feel in paradise, also you get our money’s worth!

Why choosing the Franzenshöhe for your next trip to the Stelvio Pass?