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"Motor - Sport" on the Stelvio

Key-Data on the

Built by 1820 to 1825 under the direction of Carlo Donegani

Length: 49.24 km
Altitude: 2,757m

48 Hairpins from Prato allo Stelvio to the Stelvio Pass

34 Hairpin from the Pass to Bormio

The road now connects three valleys in the Central Alps:

the Vinschgau in South Tyrol,

the Monastero Valley in Graubünden canton and the Valtellina in Lombardy.

The road is open from

May to early November.

the queen of all mountain passes

For motorcyclists, the Stelvio is a real challenge and a climax of every motorcycle vacation in South Tyrol.


Not only by challenging technical driving skill, but also with a majestic panorama the drive scores with with al visitors.

 The somewhat finicky curves on the Passo Stelvio road are frames for the spectacular natural landscape of the Stelvio National Park with white, towering glaciers all around the Ortler.

For lunch or a cup of coffee and the spectacular mountain scenery in the National Park, you should stop at the Berghotel Hotel Franzenshöhe. 

Antique car lovers



The altitude of the Passo Stelvio,  the challenging hairpin turns of the Stelvio road,  are valued by different car manufacturers for testing their newest car models.

Who wouldn't like to play with his car or old-timer on the Stelvio road? Challenging and fun at the same time. The panorama in the National Park Stelvio Pass is breathtaking, and in the turns, one can prove technical driving  skill.

The scenery is worth a longer stay. The mountain hotel  Franzenshöhe is the perfect spot for numerous day tours in the surroundings.

Where does inspiration take you...


After a good and silent night at the Franzenshöhe it is time to explore the surroundings and the Stelvio!

A selection of possible day tours around the Stelvio by moto or car

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